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Đơn vị cung cấp: CÔNG TY TNHH DZU VIỆT NAM
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Most of our outstanding technical-heavy works in the portfolio are the results of our dedicated development teams, who are working directly under control of our business startup clients.

Your website must allow users to be able to do what they need to in the shortest time, from different types of device, and with a lot of excitement. Dzu build that kind of website.

Our works include web-based applications, mobile applications for the two advanced platforms iOS and Android, corporate websites.

Excite users

Everything about technology is exciting, and so is your website. Our designers could turn your business stories into vivid visuals to catch users’ attention and love. We also make sure the seamless usability between smart phone and desktop users.

Simplify workflows

Saving users’ time means you’re saving the cost of your business, and we know how to reduce the time spent to do things with the website, and make the learning curves as easy as possible for the website and application.

Improve seo results

Our development standards consist of SEO best practices we adopted throughout 10 years helping consumer brands improve their online search exposure, especially with Google search.

Embrace future upgrades

You are not afraid of changes, and neither are we. The system design and technical choices that our consultants and developers make for your website are the ones that make your system ready for future new features and integration

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